Gluing Systems & Machinery, Inc. is located in Petaluma, California. GMS® has been servicing the needs of the converting and graphic arts industries since 1977 and has since created the unique microglue® line of products catering to our customer’s needs. Our focus is on providing an American-made, high-quality, and performance-based hot glue and cold glue systems with flawless results. GMS understands your business and can provide you with a product that performs beyond your expectations. We look forward to working with you and are available for consultation regarding any system or application.

microglue® is a complete line of both hot glue systems and cold glue systems and accessories.  This product line consists of programmable 2, 4, and 8-channel pattern controllers, hot glue melt units, hot and cold glue applicator valves, and a variety of cold glue systems.  With high quality results at a fantastic price, the microglue line is an effective choice for your adhesive application needs.

The micromailer® consists of plow fold tables which come integrated with a 20″ feeder, inline product scoring and perforating, plow folding, card tipping and gluing in one simple, affordable package. Designed to be expandable for future applications, the micromailer® offers an affordable solution for the most direct mail applications and is in compliance with current postal requirements.

microgluer® is a family of small format buckle plate folding and gluing machines, designed to simplify and streamline the folding and gluing operation for mailing applications. This product is available in formats starting from basic half and letter fold, with or without glue, to more complex mailers that include Z fold and micro perforation.  The microgluer® features dot, line or stitch patterns, patented output speed compensation, shutter control output, product and batch counter, and production rate meter.  The microgluer® is the simplest and easiest to use tabletop folder with an integrated glue system and can be configured for all small format, direct mail applications today.  Made affordable and accessible to our customers, expandability and flexibility are just part of the advantages to working with the GMS microgluer family of products.